Millwood Thoroughbred
 Rescue & Adoption

  Training ex-race horses to take flight in a new career


About 37,000 Thoroughbred foals are registered each year in North America. Statistically, fewer than 50% of all race horses ever win a race, and less than 1% ever win a stakes race such as the Kentucky Derby or the Epsom Derby. Even horses with a winning record dont usually race past the age of 5 and approximately two out of every three thoroughbreds that come off the track (even those that are sound and healthy) are euthanized, abandoned, or slaughtered -- their meat exported to Europe and Japan for human consumption.

The mission of the Millwood Thoroughbred Rescue & Adoption Foundation is to provide a refuge and sanctuary for ex-race horses, allowing them to receive treatment, care, compassion, re-training, and eventual placement on adoptive farms as show hunters, field hunters, event horses, dressage or riding and companion horses.




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