Millwood Thoroughbred
 Rescue & Adoption

  Training ex-race horses to take flight in a new career


As with any barn, there are alway lists of things to be done and we always appreciate the extra help.
Contact us if you are interested in lending a hand. Will count towards community service hours.

- Grooming horses
- Painting fences
- Mowing/Trimming
- Cleaning tack
- Feeding
- Scrubbing water buckets
- Sweeping/tidying barn
- Exercising horses
  (depending on experience)
- Muck stalls
- Clean run-in sheds
- General repairs
- Dragging arenas
- Assist vet/farrier




Your support is critical to the continuing success of our program.
Please consider a tax deductible gift to Millwood Thoroughbred Resuce and Adoption.
Fill out the form below or print it out here and mail it to:
Millwood Thoroughbred Rescue and Adoption, PO Box 365, Millwood Rd, Millwood, VA 22646


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