Millwood Thoroughbred
 Rescue & Adoption

  Training ex-race horses to take flight in a new career

Sucess Stories

Horses that have found their happy homes


Greek Girl - Enjoying her new life as a huntsman horse for the Blue Ridge Hunt. They say they would like 3 more just like her! Great with the hounds and jumps like a deer! (She is pictured leading the way!)

Maggie - Adopted to a home for a prospective eventer, we wish her luck in her new career. Here she is pictured first time hunting with the Blue Ridge Hunt. Thank you Nancy for the wonderful photo,

Oscar Worthy - Adopted to a young girl to be her first horse. What a great home!
"All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl." - author unknown


Roxy - Purchased by Renee Baker, Charm still lives at our farm and is being trained to be a wonderful all purpose mount. We hope to see her in the show ring next year!
Raven King

Hope -
Greek Storm - Showing as an event horse. We saw competing at a combined test at Morningside Eventing Facility and doing great!


Big Red - We often see Red at the local hunter shows and his new owner says he takes good care of her!

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